OLED displays are getting better every day

OLED is a display technology that attracted me from the beginning.

The advantages are:

  • Wider viewing angle (near 180 degrees)
  • Lower response time (order of microseconds, not milliseconds like LCDs)
  • Better contrast compared with LCDs
  • Power consumption depends on the actual number of pixels lit, so it can be lower than LCDs
  • Piexls directly emit light, no need of a backlight
  • Can be made flexible

I used OLED displays in two of my projects, the multi function watch, which uses a 96×64 pixel monochrome yellow OLED, and the Miosix player, with a 128×128 pixel 262K color OLED, and can confirm the advantages of this technology.

However, the reason of this blog post is this video I found on youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8S8tbQMp2k. It looks like another advance in OLED technology. Other than being flexible, it has another advantage: it is much more resistant than an LCD. I hope it will be mass produced soon 🙂


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