Fail over fail

Even more rant this time.

To go on programming microcontrollers as I’ve always done I have to disable two programs, gpsd and modem-manager (see my previous post) because hardware manufacturers fail. The first one, gpsd is done. To fix the second one without killing/removing NetworkManager I have to contact ModemManager developers. To do so I have to register to launchpad. To do so I have to get an OpenId. To do so I have to… find a way to avoid another fail:

See on the bottom of that webpage? “Type the two words into the field below”. I’d be glad to do that if there were two words, and one field. The HTML source of the page seems to indicate that a sort of captcha is supposed to be there, bu there isn’t… and without it I can’t complete the registration…

But wait, there’s more fail:

A quick look at and I found out that since I have a wordpress blog I already have an OpenId. I tried to log in with that, but it failed. A look at the FAQs for launchpad and:

Can I log into Launchpad with my existing OpenID?

Not at this time. Launchpad is currently an OpenID Provider (OP) and not a consumer (RP).”

And that, in my opinion, is fail.


One Response to “Fail over fail”

  1. John Codling Says:

    Thanks for your solution to the modem-manager/gps problem. Having upgraded from Fedora 10 to Fedora 15, I found that my Garmin etrex H handheld was no longer usable with gpsbabel through a pl2303: all it did was hang.

    /var/log/messages showed that modem-manager was interfering with ttyUSB0, and googling that and gps led me to your solution.
    Rather than delete modem-manager, I renamed it – just in case – and rebooted rather than restarting NetworkManager, but the effect was the same.

    It is obviously a highly unacceptable state of affairs to have different types of device manager meddling with the same input. However, as nobody is likely to bang the manufacturers’ heads together, perhaps the replacement of automatic blanket PnP with a degree of user control through manual configuration is needed.

    But many thanks anyway.

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