Miosix 2.0beta1 released

If you’re watching Miosix’s git repository, you probably noticed that in the last year most commit were done in the testing branch, but until now no official information was available on how to use the testing branch.

Today Miosix 2.0beta1 has been officially released, together with changes to the Miosix website, including a wiki.

A short list of changes introduced in Miosix 2.0:

  • Upgraded GCC compiler to 4.7.3
  • Support for hardware floating point operations in Cortex M4 (thanks to the new GCC and to an updated context switch code)
  • Improved atomic operations, which speeds up mutex locking
  • Improved memory profiling to return more detailed heap statistics
  • Completely rewritten the filesystem code, with better POSIX compliance, support for multiple mountpoints, Unicode in file names, and in-memory filesystems including DevFs like on Unix machines
  • Experimental multiprocess environment with memory protection and supporting loading code at runtime (work in progress)
  • Improved serial port drivers with DMA support for reading and writing
  • More board support

Check out the Miosix wiki.



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