Miosix 2.0 code size

If you’ve tried the new Miosix 2.0 recently, you may have noticed that compiling an hello world without tweaking the build options results in a code size of around 90KB for the kernel plus the hello world program. This appears to be a big step up with respect to Miosix 1.6, but is due to the fact that more features are enabled by default, as well as due to the completley rewritten filesystem subsystem with support for advanced features such as multiple mountpoints, unicode in file names DevFs etc.

However, the kernel is very modular and the code size is only limited by the features you need. This quick guide shows how it is possible to bring the size of Miosix 2.0 down to around 6KB by disabling features you may not need. This is the same size of a minimal configuration of Miosix 1.6.


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