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Synchronization primitives in Miosix

October 6, 2012

A small and backwards compatible change in Miosix 1.61 made me think about low-level synchronization primitives, and the fact that doumentation on how to use them was lacking. So, here’s a page dedicated to this topic.


Miosix 1.54 released

October 3, 2010

After a lot of time spent coding, here’s the new release of Miosix, my OS kernel for microcontrollers.

New features include:

  • Porting for ST’s Cortex M3 microcontrollers
  • Preliminary implementation of the POSIX thread API (pthreads)
  • Improved statistics on memory usage and debugging messages
  • Bug fixes and other enhancements

If you’re interested, download the new release here:

Miosix kernel released

September 23, 2009

After one year of development in the spare time, I released the Miosix kernel under an open source license.

I published the kernel source code, the schematic of the Miosix board, the doxygen documentation, instructions for compiling the kernel, and my thesis.

Read about it here: